Here is a small sampling of the items on display at the Stoogeum!


The museum boasts an entire gallery devoted to artists’ depictions of the Stooges. Pieces by professional and amateur artists alike include charcoal drawings, watercolors, folk art, pen & ink sketches, animation cels and more.


Movie Posters

Hundreds of incredibly rare one-sheet posters and lobby cards dating back to the Stooges’ earliest films can be found on display.


See the flying submarine tank from The Three Stooges in Orbit, the Quinto puppet and the costumes worn by the Stooges in Snow White and The Three Stooges, as well as the jackets worn on stage by the Stooges during their live shows from the 1960s.

Toys, Games & Novelties

Scores of vintage items depicting the Stooges on every imaginable type of merchandise–from bowling balls and thimbles to guitars and even toilet paper!

Rare Photos

Hundreds of rare candid photos, studio publicity stills, and on-stage shots spanning 50 years of Three Stooges history!


Larry Fine’s driver’s license and Columbia Studios ID card, Shemp Howard’s U.S. Army discharge and watch chain, Joe Besser’s passport and much more!

Interactive Displays

Including a Three Stooges arcade game, a custom pinball machine, a Stooges trivia game, and Stoogeology 101!