The Stoogeum is featured in an article about the Philadelphia area’s most unique museums.

Imagine an entire three-floor museum fully devoted to The Three Stooges. In fact, The Stoogeum – tucked away in suburban Philadelphia office park – is the world’s first and only Three Stooges museum, and it serves as the headquarters of the Three Stooges fan club. We only recently realized that it was essentially down the street from our house, so we figured we needed to check it out on one of the few Saturdays it’s open every year.

Not being fans of the comedic trio, we weren’t sure what to expect. What we found was a serious museum documenting the Stooges’ careers and the memorabilia surrounding them. The place is filled with over 100,000 objects, including original posters, magazines, photos, movie props, toys and even a pinball machine you can play. Laura says this is a little nerdy, but I thought it was cool to see Larry Fine’s driver’s license, Joe Besser’s passport and driver’s license and over a dozen contacts with the William Morris Agency. We stopped in the middle of our visit to do the math and found that the $1,500 they earned per week in 1935 equates to nearly $25,000 a week in today’s dollars. Definitely serious business. The museum also includes a movie theater showing reels from different eras of the Stooges’ career.

Visiting: Hours at the Stoogeum are Thursday from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, by appointment or on one of their Open House dates (updates posted on the museum’s website). Admission is $10 and there is ample parking.

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